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Y2K Hoodie Set for Men

  • Experience unparalleled vintage allure with the Y2K Hoodie Set for men

    Designed for retro enthusiasts, our hoodie set combines both early 2000s aesthetics and contemporary functionality for a look that's both bold and comfortable. The hoodie and pants feature a design of three interlocking swords forming a star, adding a bold and distinctive touch to this set. A powerful reminder of the Y2K era. Featuring a roomy kangaroo pocket and long sleeves, the hoodie also has a front zipper for flexible use - wear open or closed as you prefer. The pants, matching the hoodie, feature an elasticated waistband for a stylish look. This vintage set is an ode to the 2000s, offering vintage enthusiasts the opportunity to relive this iconic era through their clothing style. Whether you're looking for a casual look for a night out with friends, or a cozy ensemble for a relaxing day at home, the Y2K Hoodie Set for Men will meet all your expectations. It's not just a piece of clothing, but a style statement that will turn heads at every appearance. Adapt, impress and live vintage to the full!

    Details of Y2K Hoodie Set for Men :

    • Material: cotton
    • Color : red, black, white
    • Hooded collar
    • Size: S, M, L, XL
    • Limited stock
    • Free shipping