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Aesthetic Beanie

Light Gray
Dark Gray
  • Discover the look of the 2000s with our Aesthetic Beanie!

    Elevate your accessory game with our Aesthetic Beanie, a unique blend of comfort and edgy street punk style that's sure to make a statement. This beanie embodying the spirit of outdoor streetwear. Crafted from soft cotton, this hat offers both warmth and a comfortable fit, making it perfect for any casual occasion. The inclusion of rivets adds a touch of rebellion, aligning with the Y2K aesthetic that celebrates individuality and bold fashion choices. This skullies beanie is not just a hat; it's a statement piece that reflects the vibrant and eclectic nature of Y2K fashion, perfect for those looking to stand out from the crowd.

    • Material: Cotton
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Size: Onse size (54-60cm)